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Student Leadership & Conferences


Student leaders are an integral part of our mission at YAHAD. Every branch carefully hires a student leader who shows ambition and enthusiasm toward Judaism and YAHAD’s mission, whose role is to be a liaison between the participants and the organization. Not only do they maintain relationships with the participants, but they recruit and advertise our programs, speak and introduce at each program and event, and so much more. Our leaders are invested in creating real, lasting relationships with participants because they understand, better than anyone else, what they are going through and what they need. They get our participants excited about Judaism and attending our programs better than anyone else!

Our Student Leadership Conferences throughout the year are crucial because they give our leaders a chance to connect, collaborate, and create a supportive community within themselves. Packed with activities, workshops, and more, we aim to provide a space for leaders to reflect on their work, explore growth opportunities, and maximize their leadership potential. Guided by top leadership mentors, they explore ideas and develop campaigns together.

Your Gift Makes It All Possible

Your gift impacts thousands of Jewish University students and young professionals across Russia and the entire FSU, inspiring them to connect to Jewish life, learning, leadership, and community that lasts a lifetime.


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