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Their Plight, Our Mission

Judaism in the Former Soviet Union is in Jeopardy

Our Jewish brothers and sisters in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) may be far away, but the ties of our faith keep us close. So when one Jewish life is at risk, it affects us all.


Educational & leadership programs per year

YAHAD branches
in over 10 countries
Our Youth are vulnerable

Maintaining Jewish Identity is becoming more difficult

Intermarriage rates have skyrocketed, and assimilation and the decline of our culture, observance, and education puts the entire Jewish population at great risk. Our youth are particularly vulnerable and their Jewish connection is slowly dwindling. The threat of losing Jewish identity is real. Through engaging our youth with meaningful Jewish experiences, Yahad keeps their connection strong.


Over 15,000 Participants

In Shabbatons & seminars

500+ Jewish Weddings

In the past 10 years

Over 5,000 Students

Participating weekly

Over 150 Brissim

Performed per year
Together, Let’s Turn the Tide

Help us preserve and inspire life-long vibrant Jewish life, learning, leadership & community for our youth–OUR FUTURE.

Ensuring the Jewish Tomorrow

Our Mission

YAHAD is on a mission to inspire, preserve, and enrich Jewish life amongst FSU’s University students and young professionals. By providing educational, social, and spiritual programs and events, YAHAD cultivates a warm and comfortable space for young Jews to grow, connect to their heritage, and carry on the traditions from generations past.

YAHAD currently operates in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Ukraine with over 80+ branches across the FSU, and is under the umbrella organization of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS.

Leading the Way in Innovative Jewish Experiences

Enrichment Programs

Our most impactful programs and trips, ranging from local to global.

Narmin Javadova

Yahad is a place where you can be yourself.

Narmin Javadova

Baku, Azerbaijan
Leah Akritzkaya

The social network at YAHAD is incomparable to anything I’ve seen elsewhere. It feels like being part of a large happy family.

Leah Akritzkaya

Ulyanovsk, Russia
Solomon Doskovski

Everything is top level and extremely educational. Young people come here and help each other grow.

Solomon Doskovski

Novosibirsk, Russia

Your Gift Makes It All Possible

Your gift impacts thousands of Jewish University students and young professionals across Russia and the entire FSU, inspiring them to connect to Jewish life, learning, leadership, and community that lasts a lifetime.


445 Park Ave, 9th Floor
NYC NY 10022

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Your Gift Makes it All Possible

Today’s world is laser-focused on the calamity in Ukraine. People are doing important work to help them recover. However, we musn’t forget that right now, our fellow Jews in Russia and the surrounding 8 countries in the FSU are also in a state of emergency.